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Academic Research

Academic position

Research Assistant Professor / NCN starting grant PI                                         (from January 2022)

Astrophysics Division, NCBJ, Warsaw, Poland

Visiting Scientist                                                                                                         (from january 2022)

Astrophysics & Cosmology Group, SISSA, Trieste, Italy


PhD in Cosmology and Astrophysics                                                                           (September 2018)

AIX-Marseille University, France

Doctoral thesis title: Selection of very distant dusty galaxies in Herschel surveys (link)

                                   Supervisor: Prof. Veronique Buat

MSc (with honours) in Physics and Astronomy                                                                (August 2013)

Faculty of Science, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Research experience

Postdoctoral researcher in astrophysics                                                                               (2019-2021)

Astrophysics & Cosmology Group, SISSA, Trieste, Italy

Group Pi: Prof. A. Lapi

  • Working on the projects related to dusty galaxy formation & evolution


Visiting research fellow                                                                                (February 2020 - June 2020) Dunlap institute for astronomy & astrophysics, Toronto, Canada 

Research associate                                                                             (October 2015 - September 2018)

Laboratory of astrophysics Marseille (LAM), France

  • Doctoral thesis work centred on statistical analysis of panchromatic surveys in Herschel fields

Research interests

Formation and evolution of massive, dusty galaxies in the early Universe; Star-formation in galaxies across cosmic times; Interpretation of multiwavelength data sets; Infrared and submillimetre observations; Formation of distant galaxy (proto-)clusters; Astronomy for education; Science communication

Observing proposals

Research grants and awards

PI and co-I of proposals that were awarded 200+ hours of observing time on ground-based interferometers (NOEMA, ALMA, GMRT, VLA) and single-dish infrared telescopes (IRAM, JCMT).

  • Individual starting grant awarded by NCN (project "Dusty Giants")                                          (from 2022)

  • Dunlap visiting fellowship, University of Toronto, Canada                                                                    (2020)

  • Postdoctoral research fellowship, SISSA, Trieste, Italy                                                                           (2019)

  • OCEVU Labex doctoral fellowship, LAM, Marseille, France                                                                    (2015)

  • EXIT foundation student award, Novi Sad, Serbia                                                                                   (2011)                            

Academic Research Career
Career in Writing, Science Communication & Teaching

Science Communication, Writing & Teaching

Scientific writing

Fiction and poetry writing

Teaching in international institutions

Contributing senior scientific writer

Centre for the promotion of science, Belgrade                                                                       (From 2015)

  • Writing monthly columns and essays for popular science magazine "Elementi"

  • More than 40 authored scientific essays including series of interviews with Nobel laureates and awarded world artists (link)

  • My works appeared in various magazines e.g. Serbian edition of National Geographic, Popular Science, Astronomical magazine or international portal Conversation.


Book: Symmetry, spontaneously broken                                                                       (December 2012)

Collection of poems released by KOV (link)

Authored blogs

websites: B92, Pescanik, Sapiens klub (link)


(at the University level)

Masterclass in Science Communication  (link)                                                                                           (Fall 2021)

Centre for the promotion of science, CPN, Belgrade


"How to communicate your science"                                                                        (Fall 2019 & 2020)
Physics Area, APC group, SISSA, Italy 

"Galaxy formation & infrared astronomy"  (link                                                              (August 2019)

Petnica summer institute, Serbia

"Mapping the future: astronomy for development"                                                       (2019 & 2020)
Belgrade open school

(at the pre-University level)

Introduction to galaxy formation and evolution                                                                    (from 2015)

Petnica science centre

Modern radio astronomy                                                                                                            (2013-2015)

Petnica science centre


Physics and electrotechnics                                                                                                 (2009-2013)
High-school for medical professions, Vrsac                                                      

Outreach and knowledge transfer

Selected public lectures  (out of 50+ public lectures given so far)           

  • SISSA4school, Trieste, Italy                                                                                                               (2020, 2021)

  • Kids science week (interactive, online public lecture), CPN, Belgrade, Serbia                                      (2021)

  • Science for kids, University of Toronto, Canada                                                                                        (2020)

  • Finding the first galaxies in the Universe, Vrsac, Serbia                                                                                 (2020)

  • Mapping the invisible evolutions, BOS Belgrade, Serbia                                                                          (2020)

  • TEDx talk ("Dust in the Universe", link)                                                                                                      (2016)

  • A coffee with researchers, Marseille, France                                                                                                    (2016)

  • How to find the distant galaxies?, Centre for the promotion of science, Belgrade                              (2019)

  • European researchers night, Belgrade, Serbia                                                                                      (2015, 2019)

  • Science festival Novi Sad, Serbia                                                                                                                 (2015)

  • Leiden observatory open day, Leiden, Netherlands                                                                                        (2014)

  • Why supernovae matter?, International workshop in science education, Arad, Romania                   (2010)


Selected media talks and interviews

  • Television interviews/lectures
    TV episode: "Popularising science" (Serbian national television, link)
    Science festival talk (link)
    Popular TV show "Level 23" (TV Studio B, link)
    Extraterrestrial languages, book review (CPN production, link)


  • Radio interviews and podcasts
    Appeared at 10+ radio shows, including Radio Belgrade2, York Universe radio show, Radio elementi podcast, BBCAfrica, CoScience podcast, Radio galaksija podcast, Radio Novi Sad.


  • Interviews for magazines and newspapers
    Sterne und Weltraum (in German, link)
    Il Piccolo (in Italian)
    Elementi (in Serbian)
    Blic (in Serbian/Croatian,
    Vecernje novosti (in Serbian/Croatian, link)
    Nasi u svetu (link)

Authored works
(sci-comm and non-fiction)

  • Authored more than 50 articles and blog posts in popular science web magazines (Including web versions of magazine Elementi, Popular Science and website B92), more than 30 episodes of several radio shows and podcasts. For more info and selected works, please see here.                   

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