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Specialised course

"Effective science communication"
author & lecturer:  Dr. Darko Donevski

Two years ago, with the desire to bring the field of practical scientific communication closer to students and professional researchers, I created a series of seminars/lectures "Effective scientific communication".  This then turned into professional training with the focus of the course given to the relationship between research and scientific communication in the era of big data. Another focus is given to communication of ideas when writing proposals for research grants and funds. So far, I have held these specialised seminars at several international institutions, such as the prestigious Italian institutes ICTP and SISSA, and most recently - the Centre for the promotion of science (CPN) in Belgrade. 

(1) How to effectively plan, develop and communicate your science?
(2) How to plan and write science proposals and grant applications

(3) Effective communication in science collaborations: diverse forms of teamwork
(4) Transferring science information & paradigms to the segmented public
(5) Open data & big data science: benefits and problems
(6) Science & society: knowledge and skills for development


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Effective communication in science collaborations: diverse forms of teamwork
(specialised course for students & professional researchers)

The seminar aims at explaining how to work and communicate within highly integrated and interactive research teams.  I led this seminar during the Professional and Communications Training For Scientists, organised by the ICTP. 

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(download the material)

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