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Note: Note: Most of the essays and texts below were originally written in Serbian/Croatian for the national illustrated science magazine ELEMENTI. These stories are illustrated with original artworks made by the leading graphic artists and illustrators.

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Interview with the Nobel prize laureate, Prof. Barry Barish, one of the key figures behind the first detection of gravitational waves.

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Story about African astronomy - an interview with Mirjana Povic, IAU award recipient and science educator working in Ethiopia.

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The music of silence: a story that connects chess champion Bobby Fischer, and a celebrated composer John Cage.

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Interview with Canadian award-winning biographer, Rosemary Sullivan about her investigations of lives of famous dissidents.


Under the African sky: collection of stories and contemplations from an African journey.

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Models and data during the pandemic: Investigative data essay which comments the use and (often wrong) interpretation of open data in the time of global Covid-19 pandemic.

Selected science essays from the edition SCIENCE & SOCIETY
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Selected essays on astronomy (column ORBITING in magazine Elementi)

Science column "Orbiting"

Here you can find and read selected essays that I regularly write for magazine "Elementi". The majority of the essays are written in Serbian/Croatian, but there are (unpublished) English versions as well. If you are interested in these versions, please drop me a message here.

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Orbitiranje #9: Future explorations of distant planets and galaxies.

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Orbitiranje #6: NEOWISE comet

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Orbitiranje #8: Are galaxies invisible cities?

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Black holes - geometry of invisible: Two stories behind the first search for the existence of a black hole in the centre of our galaxy, Milky Way.

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Orbitiranje #4: Searching for the life in the outer space

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