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  • All Python codes and other tools that describe models of dust evolution and environmental properties of simulated dusty galaxies (part of the project "Dusty Giants")  will be available on the project webpage and future GitHub page. Please contact me if you would  like to obtain any of these.

  • Access to data analysed in Donevski et al. A&A 2018
    ("Towards the census of high-z dusty galaxies with Herschel: A selection of 500-micron risers")

    The catalogue contains 133 galaxies that are selected to be candidate z>4 dusty, star-forming objects. Sources are selected over 55 sq. degrees Herschel Virgo Cluster field.

  • Access to data analysed in Donevski et al. A&A 2020
    ("In pursuit of giants: The evolution of the dust-to-stellar mass ratio in distant dusty galaxies")

    note: The catalogue contains various physical parameters estimated for 300 very distant galaxies identified with ALMA in the COSMOS field.

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